The Missing Weeks: Part 1

Part 1 of 6-7 weeks MIA. Why are those weeks filled with more guns, floridians, tattoos and also a publication. How was there time for all that?

Guns at Walmart, Guns at Yoga.

I was thinking about guns recently. Who isn’t, amirite? In my town, a man was arrested after wandering through the aisles of Walmart, on his phone, talking about “popping people”. When police apprehended him in the lawn and garden area, they found he had guns in his backpack. Okay, so he was armed, but it…

I could Lie, say I like it.

No big revelations this week. In fact, I’m a little swamped with catching up after taking some impromptu chill out days. So just some banter and musings to share with you, my dear readers. In true me-fashion, I’ll sneak in some self-deprecating criticism in hopes that tomorrow I wake up a slightly different person. Let’s…


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